Product description

Timed and safe dispensing of medication – time-adjustable output from 1 to 9 doses a day; only the dose prescribed for each time punt is output.

Easy and safe operation – at the set time, the alarm is triggered and the rotating tablet container moves the medication to the dispensing opening, simply tipping over the patient pills out; tipping over turns off the alarms.

Pill intake reminder – 1 to 9 times within the day using built-in visual alarm (illumination around the display), audible alarm (3 tone strength + 3 keys) the reminders last up to 30 minutes

Rotating removable pill container with 28 compartments – each spacious compartment can hold up to 35 aspirin sized tablets

9 durable labelled dosage rings – are placed on the container to refill with medication supply, with ”1X” dosage ring for period of 28 days / dosage once a day, with ”2X” dosage ring for 14 days / dosage 2x a day etc. up to 9x a day.

Large bright and clear LCD display – with a diameter of 6 cm shows the most important information clearly: number of alarms, alarm strength and type, current time, time for the next alarm, battery capacity; large characters and buttons are very suitable for the elderly.

Metal key for safe use – serves to close the lid as well as the battery compartment.

Small thoughtful sliding cover on the dispensing opening – protects the tablets from accidental falling out

Durable lockable lid – available with transparent matte lid

4 AA batteries for power supply – included in the pack

CONVENIENT SIZE – Diameter of only 20cm; easy to carry outside the home




Paristot ‏ : ‎ 4 AA paristoa vaaditaan.
Laitteen mitat ‏ : ‎ 20 x 20 x 4 cm; 550 Grammaa
Valmistaja ‏ : ‎ MedControl Systems
Valmistusmaa ‏ : ‎ China